Ten Reasons Our Marriage Has Lasted 50 Years

It was a hot August Sunday afternoon in 1963 when my teenage bride-to-be and her father walked down the aisle at First Christian Church in Longmont Top Gear Colorado. Before “God and those witnesses” we pledged to “love, honor and obey” till “demise do us component.”

It appears to have caught.

Against all odds, we’ve kept those vows for 50 years. According to ask.Com, the 2010 Census reports handiest six-percentage of first time marriages ultimate 50 years. That places my wife Amy and me in a completely elite group we’re proud to sign up for.

After a few discussion, Amy and I agreed on the following ten reasons our marriage has lasted 50 years:

Reason #1: We obtained the blessing of both God and our parents. We grew up in almost same homes, at least from the perspective of faith and world-view. Both of our families have been in church whenever the doorways were open. We attended and met at a Christian university, and earlier than we have been married, our dad and mom gave their approval, albeit with some hesitation given the reality we have been each teens.

We had the role version of dad and mom who saved their vows “for better or worse, richer or poorer, in illness and in fitness,” which helped us to stay the equal way.

Reason #2: We pay attention to each different. To be sincere, I was a gradual learner at this one. My brother and I had a riff we’d frequently spout to our children, “If I don’t know it, Uncle Dick knows it. If Uncle Dick do not know it, Dad knows it. If Dad do not know it no one knows it.” You can imagine, that sort of mind-set limits listening.

A very special professor at Creighton University, Dr. Fr. Robert McInery, taught us to concentrate with extra than our ears. He said that listening is greater than hearing what someone says; it is hearing what their coronary heart says. Even I, the bloviater-in-chief, turned into able to grow to be a great listener.

Reason #three: We speak love to every other. And we still keep arms too. We hug regularly, and snuggle in bed even after an issue.

Early in our marriage I examine that a husband need to inform his spouse he loves her each single day. I began right now to do so and have completed a pretty top job. I do not know why it’s so difficult for maximum men to talk words of love; however let me let you know, it is worth the attempt. If you do not know how, begin learning today.

Reason #4: We spend moments collectively. I’ve used the phrase “moments” for a cause. Brief moments collectively may be amazing – a cup of tea, a brief hug inside the kitchen, even a short communique at the cellphone to exchange loving phrases.

Longer moments come at lunch after church or a quick power inside the u . S . A .. We’ve also spent many much longer moments together on long trips having visited all however 3 states and over 30 overseas countries. And there may be no person, NO ONE, we might as a substitute spend our moments with than each other.

Reason #5: Our courting is our pinnacle priority. We have 3 grownup kids we adore dearly, however we do not love them as a good deal as we love each different. We have splendid pals, however no pal more than every other. We have an excellent business and tremendous rapport with high-quality clients, however ten-times extra important is the connection we’ve got with each different.

People have tried to get among us. My spouse has had a couple of guy hit on her, and I recognize this can be tough to agree with, but I too have had my opportunities. But no one has ever been allowed to get between us.

Some years ago I changed into in a bar with some male pals (I do not go to bars very often, so I was uncomfortable). A excellent searching younger unmarried girl was chatting up the guys when all at once she checked out me and declared, “You’re married aren’t you?” I said, “Yes I am. How did you understand?” She responded, “I can inform – the good ones are always taken.”

Reason #6: We speak respectfully to every different. As a teenager I heard a preacher use his spouse because the butt of his jokes, and it offended me. I promised myself then, I will usually talk respectfully of my spouse.

Everyone who is aware of me is aware of I love my spouse due to the fact I usually say best matters approximately her – which, of course, isn’t always that hard to do.

Reason #7: We do little matters that come to be large deals. I observed out some years ago Amy surely likes it once I wash her automobile. So, I wash her automobile, particularly if I want some thing! Yet with out ulterior cause, she irons my shirts. She cooks for me and occasionally I cook dinner for her. I even open the auto door for her from time-to-time.

Reason #8: We show appreciation for each different and for the advantages of God. I thank her after each meal whether or not it’s miles a grilled cheese sandwich or a meal match for a king. And she thanks me when I do things for her. Appreciation shines the mild on what is proper approximately a dating, and that fosters appropriate feelings each approaches.

However, the appreciation we give to Almighty God for His benefits can be more massive. It’s smooth to forget we stay inside the most rich state in the world and that we had no preference over wherein we had been born. That is why we take time to thank God for excellent fitness, meals to devour, clothes to put on, and an area to live.