Maclaren Techno XLR Buggy – Is it Actually a Best Purchase Pushchair? (Audit)

In the event that you are on the lookout for another buggy and you do your exploration on the web, pretty much every survey you will find out about the Maclaren Techno XLR pushchair is good. Each proprietor who gave their criticism about this child carriage typically have just beneficial comments about the XLR, which is likely why it’s one of the most well known and profoundly appraised pushchairs around – yet is it the ideal pushchair for your requirements? Peruse on and find out.

Maclaren Techno XLR: The Stars

The Techno XLR is Maclaren’s variant of a lavish Techno XT which techno is one of the top of the line pushchair in the Maclaren range. So on the off chance that you like the XT yet need the best in both usefulness and solace, the XLR is the most ideal one for you.

Most proprietors have seen that the XLR pushchair is exceptionally strong/tough even after drawn out, day to day use. It is no big surprise that Maclaren is known for astounding workmanship.

For guardians who are irritated with logging around their pushchairs in open transportation, the XLR offers them the arrangement. Pushing up checks and move around sharp corners is so natural. This element makes it not quite the same as the rest.

One more advantage of utilizing the Techno XLR, is that it’s lightweight. It’s ideally suited for individuals living in higher up lofts. With just 8kgs, along with the hood and shopping crate, guardians and carers won’t need to be bothered with conveying their pushchairs all over the steps.

The XLR has been intended for tall individuals who might some way or another experience issues with low setting handles at 110cm, normally accessible with different pushchairs. Its one of a kind element is its high setting handles which can be changed up to 130cm with the most reduced setting at 110cm.

One more in addition to is the Techno XLR’s hood with survey window and sun visor, which is adequately large to unfasten from the back and stretch out forward. This would give your children security from the sun. For your additional accommodation, it is introduced with pockets and net sack at the rear of the hood for your voyaging extras.

The seat leans back to 4 positions, and yes it leans back to in excess of 150 degrees, making it completely reasonable for babies. The new 2009 model has a basic switch utilized for lean back change that you can work with one hand. Once more, this will intrigue you assuming that you seldom have two hands free.

Maclaren Techno XLR: The Cons

The shopping crate is a mistake as I would see it since it can hold up to 2 kg.

For those in an upward direction tested, the handle level will be a trouble. For those standing 5’1” to 5’3”, the most reduced handle setting will be at chest to armpit level.

Something else is that the seat isn’t reversible so not a decent decision for guardians believe a movement framework should use from birth likes to confront their child during the initial not many months.

The last thing to consider is that the XLR isn’t planned as an off-road pushchair. For those wanting to utilize the pushchair broadly on harsh back roads, an off-road type would be more reasonable. The XLR is suggested something else for individuals living in the city.


The Techno XLR would be ideal for individuals living in the city. From its solid, simple to utilize plan and lightweight elements to its not difficult to move highlights in thin spaces, this pushchair would be the most ideal decision for you.