How Amazon Storefront and Branding Services Can Increase Conversion Rate

Trying to run an online store seems like a fantastic idea for any starry-eyed entrepreneur, especially with the staggering number of people that prefer to purchase the things they need online rather than worry about physically heading to stores. It’s the kind of situation where there are more than enough opportunities for any store owner, which is why eCommerce is experiencing a constant upward trend. That said, when it comes to platforms such as Amazon, the use of the Amazon Storefront is crucial, as it is the primary landing page for online users.

It is the first thing that online users see, and if a company wants to increase its conversion rate, it has to take steps not only to attract online users but also to convince them to make a purchase. After all, online users will do one of two things when they arrive at the storefront — they will either convert into a buyer and make a purchase or leave. The reason for the latter is not always clear, but there are ways to help ensure that a company can take the necessary steps to help reduce the bounce/abandonment rate and instead improve the conversion rate.

Fortunately, it is often a straightforward process. There is little to worry about for those that are willing to put in the work, as there are plenty of things a business owner can do to help promote their online store on Amazon. Here are a few ways the storefront and branding services can increase the conversion rate on Amazon!

Content is king on the Amazon Storefront

Most people have probably already heard that content is king when it comes to business management, but what does it mean when it comes to the storefront? Does it mean making improvements to the products to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase? While such a thing certainly helps, content in Amazon has to do with how a company markets their products rather than the products themselves. For example, an online user might be interested in a specific product that the company sells through Amazon — but still need to be convinced regarding the pros of having such a product.

When it comes to a typical business website, the use of content might come in the form of articles or blogs relating to the products. Having articles or blogs encourage users is a great idea, though that would be preferable in a business website rather than the storefront. In the case of Amazon, it is the description of the products that matter the most. The ability to accurately describe products in a way that attracts the target audience is how content reigns king in the storefront.

Keep the store as organized as possible

Keep in mind that online users entering the store expect to be impressed not only by the list of products, but how they are presented. It would be a good idea to make sure that there is no clutter and that the online store is as simple and to the point as possible. 

Online users can appreciate a store that respects their time and lets them find what they want without the clutter. The quality of images is also crucial, as well as how they relate to other products in the catalog. The images should all have a similar pattern, as having different lighting and other details can cause the products to look confusing. It is quite similar to having a physical store, yet having the products a disorganized mess.

On the topic of urgency

In most cases, it is not enough to have desirable products in the store and expect people to immediately make a purchase. If the company wants to make sure that its products are challenging to ignore, it would be a good idea to have a sense of urgency. Let the potential buyers know that the products will not last, whether through description or other means, and it just might convince them to make a purchase rather than to wait.  While some might see the tactic as playing on the feelings of customers, there are many other online stores that are doing the same thing, and they could very well convince those same online users to buy the products. An online store cannot increase the conversion rate without even a little bit of urgency.

The bottom line

For an Amazon store to increase the conversion rate, it is crucial that they keep the storefront as simple and to the point as possible, with accurate and pleasing descriptions and a sense of urgency. Without a bit of creativity and willingness to convert online users to buyers, it might take some time for a company’s products to run out of stock. Keep in mind that the oversaturation of the market means online stores must make an effort to experience success.